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채용제목 Make-up Product Manager (Lips, Nail & Season Collections)

1. 회사소개 : 샤넬 코리아
대표이사 : 스텐판티에리피에르 블량샤르
설립일 : 1991년
매출액 : 4,235억
업종 : 향수,화장품,액세서리,모피 등의 도소매업
주소 : 서울 특별시 중구

Job Mission Description

Position Title: Make-up Product Manager (Lips, Nail & Season Collections)
Department / Division: F&BP Marketing
Location of the Role: Korea / Office
Reporting to (Title): Direct: Make-up Marketing Manager
GeographicalCoverage: Local / Regional / Global*

Job Mission:
* Manage make-up products and campaigns to fulfill the vision and mission of Chanel Makeup in the market
* Focus on Lips, Nail & Season Collections products in make-up, which accounts for 50% of
total makeup category sales that delivers dynamic and create the Brand excitement and
alive that key contributor for recruiting new customers.
* MU market is becoming very dynamic and competitive and Chanel is gaining market share
as well as a specific place in customers’ hearts.
* More dynamic, innovative and integrated POE strategy is needed (including local
celebrity/KOL) to create the buzz, be more relevant and more engaging and to gain market

Key Responsibilities:
* Develop & execute make-up campaigns' local launching plan and lead overall customer
experience journey with internal & external marketing team to set-up best POE strategy.
* Execute new product's marketing plan
o Prepare and present new product launch plan to related team and POS.
o Set up campaign strategy & objectives
o Set up Printing & Sampling plan
o Plan Incentive scheme if necessary
o Supervise VM & POS plan
o Control event(Makeup show, Makeup class) contents
o Analyze the campaign sales report & devise action plans by counter
o Administer counter needs by campaign
o Control campaign budget ( campaign expenses & control of all promotional expenses)
* Showcase the brand dynamic and the role of make-up to relevant team to motivate COCE
teams and that Retail, PR, VM and Training to orchestrate 360 marketing plan to success
each campaign goal and overall category achievement.
* Analysis the data on market and product and build the action plans needed.
* Actively communicate with Global/Region team to convey the key message and to accept
Korea market needs thru campaign feedback, regular monthly planning calls and
* Work with API manager collaboratively to identify trends and align key messages to Global.
* Report & Assist marketing manager with higher ownership of category in charge.

Role Specifications:
Academic / Professional Qualifications
[Functional Knowledge ? The technical expertise required to perform the work and activities.]
- 4 years university degree
- Good interpersonal communication skills both in English & Korean
- Strong with details and having a good sense of time-line

Work Experience
[Business Expertise ? The requirements of the job for knowledge and expertise about the business rather
than about “technical expertise”.]
- Over 2-3 years’ experience in cosmetic industry as a Product marketing related ( preferred Make-up)
- Advanced knowledge on Makeup products and strong level of marketing skills and trend and market

Required Competencies
- Independent, pro-active, positive, take initiatives & attentive to details
- Self-motivated and persistent with the ability to work under pressure and manage multiple priorities
- Continuous learner who has innovation and creative mind

Key Interactions / Stakeholders:Please list out all the internal and external interactions that this
job holder has to manage in order to fulfill the job purpose.

* Global make-up team
* Region marketing team
* FR / SK & CRM team
* VM & maintenance team
* Retail managers & RPC team
* Training team
* Communications Team
* Make up studio team

* Vendors

Organisation Relationship:
Please attach the Organisation Chart showing the role and its working relationships (e.g., direct
and indirect reports)

기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:1983년-1987년 출생자, 성별:무관, 외국어:무관
근무지:서울 중구
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 신용화 이사
연락처: 010-3272-5577 / 02-2051-9828
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