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채용제목 스킨케어 트레이너(제품 교육담당자)

1. 회사소개 : 샤넬 코리아
대표이사 : 스텐판티에리피에르 블량샤르
설립일 : 1991년
매출액 : 4,235억
업종 : 향수,화장품,액세서리,모피 등의 도소매업
주소 : 서울 특별시 중구

Job Mission Description

Position Title: Skincare Expert Trainer

Department / Division: FBP Training
Location of the Role: KOREA
Reporting to (Title): Direct: Training manager

Geographical Coverage: Country / GC / APAC / Global*

Job Mission:
This position is responsible for conducting all training related activities for BAs and responsible also for
enhancing BAs overall product knowledge focused on Korea market environment and monitoring closely
BAs service and skills in order to meet the service quality which may be relevant to our equity.
Trainer is key to leverage BA’s performance and infuse the Client Experience transformation and show to
ambassador, business partner, training expert, team player.

Key Responsibilities:
* Conduct for all DS & TR BAs skincare product training.
(Pre-Les essentials/ Les essentials/ Follow-up/ Launch training/ Skincare Specialist Training, EBC).
* Make contents for newly launched products and products need to boost sales.
* Manage / Review / Report Skincare Specialist Coaching at POS.
* Evaluate performance of BAs and check & follow-up individual BA’s sales.
* Check BA’s grooming and service attitude at POS.
* Translate for all Skincare Training materials.
* Assist Training manager for counter evaluation program such as “ Mystery Shoppers Program” and
“Client Service Satisfaction”.
* Maintain and up-to-date training progress file on all BAs to monitor their progress
* Develop digital learning platform with Digital learning develop manager
* Create digital training contents to heighten engagement for BAs
* Create design specialized 3axes training for SAB, TR and DS
* Work at open POS including renovated POS to check and correct sales techniques, display and
consumer relations.
* Work closely with product sides to achieve both to maximize product launch and strengthen Retail &
MKT team relationship in general.
* Cooperate and closely working with CAP & Global training team

Role Specifications:
Academic / Professional Qualifications
- Bachelor Degree

Work Experience
- More than 3~6 years’ experience in the cosmetic field preferred.

Required Competencies
- Excellent therapist skills
- Analytic thinking
- Ability to communicate fluently in both verbal and written English
- Strong communication skill & presentation skill
- Operation skills of computer utility

Key Interactions / Stakeholders:
* BAs
* Retail Managers & RPC
* Marketing Product Managers
* Global & CAP training team

* Department Store Staffs & SMs, Vendors etc….MSP agency, Temporary training materials
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:1985년-1991년 출생자, 성별:무관, 외국어:무관
근무지:서울 중구
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 신용화 이사
연락처: 010-3272-5577 / 02-2051-9828
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