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채용제목 글로벌패션사 Communication Specialist (쇼룸근무)
[Job description]

1. Media Clipping
1) Daily Media Clipping: Check media articles on a daily base and make a coverage report to share with HQ and internal Inditex Korea
2) Weekly Online Fashion Media Clipping: Check media articles on weekly base and make a coverage report to share with HQ and internal Kore
3) Monthly Fashion Media Clipping: Review monthly fashion media where Inditex brands products are exposed in and make a clipping report to share with HQ & internal Korea

2. Media Product Lease Management
1) Zara Showroom
- Operate showroom with handling media product lease and coordinating showroom.
- Manage Media lease and showroom inventory
- Manage Relationship with media - Lease process:
? Media: Fashion magazine (celebrities : need prior consultation with Showroom) ?
? Process: Make a reservation of media a visit showroom a return back to showroom ?
? Display: Be arranged by color, concept so that media can pick up easily
? Maximum pcs / period: 8 pcs / 3 days per media ?
? Maximum no. of media lease: 8 cases per day

3. Media List Management: Update media list regularly including daily, monthly, fashion trade, and TV

4. Press Release: Write press release if it needed or translate a received press release from HQ

5. Influencer Communication
- List up influencers and send out regular seeding and monitoring the outcome.

6. Collection Presentation
Arrange new collection presentation when new season collection is launched for media-Media: Target media (Woman, Man, Teen, Nino, Online, specialized fashion magazine)
-Content: Make special product introduction presentation
-Goal: Attain better understanding of brands and collection and strengthen relationship with target media
-Place: Showroom or in store or gallery

7. Event
1) New Store Opening: Organize all PR related event when new store opens such as cocktail party, media invitation, and etc

8. Corporate Dossier Management
1) Inditex Press kit: Manage Inditex group press kit yearly and share with media, landlords and others if requested
2) Corporate Brand Document Translate: Translate and double check the quality of brand dossier of Inditex brands yearly


- Bachelor degree in related field
- Minimum 3 years of working experience in a communication or media related position in a fashion field
- Native level of Korean and Fluent in English (Spanish is preferred)
- Knowledge and network of press, magazine and Media in Korea
- Knowledge of organizing, budgeting and planning of fashion events
- Strategic planning on PR indicatives and brands
- Big passion on fashion with visual merchandising skills
- Advanced PC skills
- Store experience in sales floor will be valuable
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:0년-0년 출생자, 성별:무관, 외국어:무관
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 조혜진 과장
연락처: 010-7762-9697 / 02-2051-9831
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